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NH  #4062
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P.H.D Plumbing offers a wide range of plumbing services to our residential and commercial customers.
Here is a list and labor rates of some of the plumbing services offered by us.
Plumbing FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) Basement Bathroom :-
Is a basement bathroom possible even though my sewer piping is higher than the basement floor ?
A) The most challenging part of basement bathrooms, as with any plumbing project is the ventilation piping. Plumbers will tell you there are four parts of a plumbing system 1 = water, 2 = drainage 3 = venting and 4 = venting. Properly vented plumbing fixtures are critical in keeping airborne diseases and sewer gases from entering your building.
Most Basement bathrooms are below the building drain (sewer main) and will require a pump chamber to collect the refuse and pump it up into the building drain (sewer main). The pump chamber will needs to be vented to remove negative pressures and odors,
as too will the new plumbing fixtures. Your plumber will need to tie all the basement venting into your existing plumbing vents (six inches above the highest plumbing fixture) or install a new vent through the roof. Most newer houses (built after 1990's) have future vents set up in the basement for future use.
Basement bathrooms are possible, but be prepared for a sizable project especially if your house is not equipped with a future vent

Q) Ground Water :-
I get some water in my basement during heavy rain. How do I stop this from happening ?
A) The most economical plumbing solution would be to first install a sump pump system approximately two feet below the grounds surface, in an area were water is often found and if this does not remedy the problem ask your plumber about installing a perimeter drain system. The perimeter drain system is installed by cutting open the concrete floor around the inside perimeter of your basement walls and installing drainage pipe and stone. The drainage pipe is installed in the direction of the sump pump system, so if water were to rise through any part of the foundation it will be removed before getting to the level of the finished concrete floor.
Ground water is very common in areas were the water tables are high, water tables in the ground will rise during heavy rain storms and also when
snow melting occurrence is rapid.

Q) High water pressure :-
My plumber says the water pressure in my house is high (110psi). Is this really an issue ?
A) High water pressure contributes to most plumbing problems, high gas bills, higher water bills and in some cases flood damage. Burst washing machine hoses are the leading cause for household floods and high pressure is the leading cause of burst hoses. The maximum pressure in your home should not
exceed 80psig (as per Most State Plumbing Codes).
There are a number of reasons for high water pressure, geographical low points or distance from a water pumping facility, may be a factor. Whatever the reason, this problem is very costly. Water pressure has an effect on the flow rate of every plumbing fixture in your home. Consider how many times per day your  kitchen faucet is used. Just saving half a gallon per minute every time faucets or a shower is used, will reduce your yearly water bill. Since water takes longer to boil under pressure,
gas or electric bills are reduced by approximately 5% after installing a pressure regulator valve (pressure reducer) on your water main.

Q) Low water pressure :-
What is normal water pressure ? The water seems to trickle out of my shower head.
A) Properties which are located on hill tops or high geographic areas are more likely to have low water pressure (below 49psig). This problem is remedied by installing a pressure booster pump and tank which would boost the pressure up to around 60psig. (pressure relief valve set at 70psig).
Water trickling out of shower heads may not always be an indicator of low water pressure. Minerals such as calcium, lime and rust may be stuck in the shower head. Have your local plumber check the water pressure to your property before taking action

Q) Toilet Repairs :-
We love our older bathroom fixtures as the colors all match. However the toilet doesn't work quite as well as it used to. Is the toilet repairable ?
A) Most toilets can be rebuilt by replacing all the tank parts. This is done by removing the tank from the toilet bowl, usually held down by two or three bolts. The tank is then cleaned out and all removable parts are discarded and replaced. In some cases the toilet bowl rim holes are gently rodded to dislodge calcium or debris that may have built up over the years.
Your toilet should work as good as new once rebuilt.

Q) Water Main Shut Off Valve :- How do I shut off all the water to my house, if I have a plumbing emergency ?
A) Your water main will most likely be located in the basement at the front of the house, either mounted on your foundation wall or coming through the basement floor. The pipe will be connected to your water meter and have a shutoff valve before and sometimes after the meter. Try to brace the piping as best you can when operating the shutoff valve as older piping tend to snap/sheer off at the concrete/penetrating surface. Please don't hesitate and call your plumber or your City DPW (Department Of Public Works), if water continues running at full force after 90 seconds of shutting the main water valve. Some shutoff valves do fail after being in service for many years.

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Plumbing Labor Rates

• Bathroom Faucet Repair. = $300.00
• Bathroom Faucet Installation. = $350.00 or $400.00 With Pop-Up Assembly.
• Bathtub Waste & Overflow = $450.00
• Dishwasher (replace existing). = $400.00
• Flood Master Device. = $970.00 
(price includes Flood Master Device, parts etc.).
• Flood Master Device. = $750.00
(Discounted rate with installation of new water heater).
• Frozen Pipe Thawing. = $750.00
(first 3hours).
• Garbage Disposer
(replace existing). = $300.00
• Garbage Disposer
(includes re-piping drain for new installation). = $400.00
• Garbage Disposer Elimination
(remove & re-pipe). = $400.00
• Ice-maker hook-up. = $400.00
• Kitchen Faucet Repair. = $300.00
• Kitchen Faucet Installation. = $350.00
• Outdoor Spigot Replacement. = $300.00
• Pressure Regulator (Household). = $400.00
• Shower/Tub Valve Repair / Rebuild. = $350.00
• Shower/Tub Valve Installation. = $500.00
• Sump Pump Installation. = $1600.00

• Sump Pump Replacement. = $400.00
• Toilet Flange Replacement. = $450.00
• Toilet Installation. = $350.00
• Toilet Rebuild (minor rebuild). = $300.00
(replace flapper & fill valve)
• Toilet Rebuild (major rebuild). = $350.00
(replace flapper ; fill valve ; flush valve ; T2B bolts & gaskets)
• Water Heater Maintenance. (tank type). = $350.00
(replace anode rod and flush tank)
• Tankless Water Heater Maintenance. = $350.00
(flush tankless coil with solution and clean ignition probe)