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Water Heaters FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) Water Heater Size :- What size water heater do I need for my home.
A) Water heater size is determined by demand , usage and recovery. Please see below table for general sizing of tank type water heaters, while keeping in mind
that high capacity fixtures such as whirlpool tubs etc, need to be considered when making a decision about your next water heater.
The general rule for water heater recovery is - GAS = High efficient water heaters such as tankless or indirect water heaters will recover faster than power vented water heaters, were power vented water heaters will recover faster than atmospherically (chimney or gravity) vented water heater.
ELECTRIC = High efficient heat pump double phase 240VAC water heaters will recover faster than a single phase 120VAC water heater.

Q) Installing My Water Heater :-
Can anyone install a water heater.
A) There are many safety requirements and  local codes which pertain to water heaters, forgetting or eliminating a single safety mechanism on a water heater (electric or gas) could lead to catastrophic results. Many accidents have occurred in the past, so the quick answer is no, It is against the law for any unlicensed person to install plumbing fixtures in MA & NH.
Please take a couple minutes and watch my favorite twosome Adam & Jamie from the Discovery Channel with the repercussions of an incorrect installation.
Q) Water Heater Flooding :- How do I prevent flooding in my finished basement when my water heater fails ?
A) Water heaters generally last 6 to 15 years depending on the make, model, water pressure, usage and warrantee. A water heater usually never gives any warning of failure and some just crack open, spewing hundreds of gallons of water into your basement. The best prevention against water damage from water heater failure is the "FLOOD MASTER" device. Flood Master is a plug in solenoid device which is mounted on the water supply to your water heater. A sensor is placed either on the floor beside the water heater or in a pan under the water heater. Once water hits the sensor an alarm will sound and the solenoid valve will turn the water feed to the off position.

Q) Hot Water From Steam Boiler :-
I currently have a tankless water heater connected to my boiler which has failed. Do I have to replace the tankless coil, as my oil professional suggested, or do I have options ?
A) Tankless coils work well when new, but still supply a fluctuating temperature. Over time coils get clogged up with sediment or encrusted with minerals reducing the heat transference. Replacing the coil is one of a couple reliable options, depending on a variety of factors, another solution is installing a holding tank and feeding it with the existing tankless coil thereby having a larger volume of water at a constant, preset temperature. My personal favorite solution to this common problem, is installing an indirect water heater (Superstor, Amtrol etc) off the boiler with a separate loop. Recovery is super quick, especially in the winter when the boiler is at its peak performance.

Q) Water Heater Maintenance :- Should I have a maintenance plan for my water heater ?
A) Maintaining your water heater is a wise way of extending its life. Draining sediment from the bottom of the tank every couple years is a quick and easy form of maintenance,which most home owners can perform without the aid of a plumber, by simply attaching a hose to the bottom drain (spigot / faucet) of your water heater and, without turning off the water supply to the water heater, drain approximately three gallons of water from the hose. 
Changing the water heaters anode rod every four years is the best way of getting more life out of  the tank. Anode rod's are installed in water heaters to draw the corroding effect away from the steel tank and sacrificing itself instead. Below is a picture of two anode rod's. The significantly shorter rod on the left has been in service for three years, and as you can see is quite corroded compared to the new anode rod to the right. I would recommend having a licensed plumber for this project as it will effect the water heaters warranty and some water heater anode rods are connected to the plumbing, which would require cutting and soldering.

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NH  #4062
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Water Heaters
Pricing includes parts and labor. Please call to verify validity.
PHD reserves the right to change pricing/rates at our discretion.
Natural Gas (Atmospheric)

30 gallon 6yr  = $1,155.00
30 gallon 10yr = $1,355.00
30 gallon 12yr = $1,455.00
40 gallon 3yr  = $900.00
(only while stocks last. Price is based on cash or check payment only.)

40 gallon 6yr  = $1145.00
40 gallon 10yr = $1,345.00
40 gallon 12yr = $1,450.00
50 gallon 6yr  = $1,335.00
50 gallon 10yr = $1,360.00
50 gallon 12yr = $1,465.00
75 gallon 6yr  = $1,835.00
75 gallon 10yr = $1,970.00
75 gallon 12yr  = $2,075.00

LP-Propane (Atmospheric)

30 gallon 6yr  = $1,255.00
30 gallon 12yr = $1,545.00
40 gallon 6yr  = $1,235.00
40 gallon 12yr = $1,525.00
50 gallon 6yr  = $1,435.00
50 gallon 12yr = $1,550.00

Tankless High Efficiency (gas)

Navien NR180
On-Demand Up to 8.3 GPM =$4100.00

Navien NR210
On-Demand Up to 10 GPM =$4250.00

Navien NR240
On-Demand Up to 11 GPM =$4380.00

Eternal GU100
On-Demand Up to 10 GPM . = $4200.00

Eternal GU145
On-Demand Up to 14.5 GPM . = $4400.00

Eternal GU195
On-Demand Up to 19.5 GPM. = $4750.00

Allowances have been made for condensate pump, piping and wiring.

30 gallon 6yr  = $1,050.00
30 gallon 10yr = $1,255.00
40 gallon 6yr  = $1,025.00
40 gallon 10yr = $1,220.00
50 gallon 6yr  = $1,115.00
50 gallon 10yr = $1,310.00
65 gallon 6yr  = $1,415.00
65 gallon 10yr = $1,625.00
80 gallon 6yr  = $1,635.00
80 gallon 10yr = $1,840.00
Water heater pricing is based on removal and disposal of similar size and make as installation replacement.

High Efficiency (electric)

50 gallon GE GeoSpring
-10yr = $2,125.00
50 gallon Marathon -
Lim Lifetime = $1,850.00

Allowances have been made for condensate pump, piping and wiring. Additional costs may apply if existing electrical panel or wiring needs updating.

Bradford White Water Heaters
Commercial Water Heaters

Size and pricing available upon request.
P.H.D Plumbing
Natural Gas (power vented)

40 gallon 6yr = $1,795.00
50 gallon 6yr = $1,900.00
75 gallon 6yr = $2,250.00

Extended warranties are available for an additional cost, extending a 6 year warranty to 10 years.
Hot Water Heaters