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Bathroom Remodels
Bathtub/shower With Kohler Valves - 3 position  diverter valve & hand held on tower. (Andover MA)

Basement Bathroom Remodel - We began by digging up the basement floor and moving the toilet drain and water pipe. Installed drain for new shower stall and repaired hole with fresh concrete. Returned once floor tiles were set and installed shower, toilet & vanity. (Lynn MA)

With the new accent light and frosted door, the shower came out exquisitely. The new granite counter-top, with under-mount sink & comfort height toilet
were an excellent choice to make this project a resounding success. (Haverhill MA)
2nd Floor Bathroom Remodel - Started by removing the existing one piece fiberglass tub and shower, then removed the wall behind the tub/shower for the larger shower area.
After rebuilding the wall (12" back) and setting the new fiberglass shower pan in cement, we installed a durable cement board which would be a perfect base for our new tile.

High Efficient Gas Heating Systems
Pond St, Stoneham Massachusetts
Single Zone Heating with 45gal Superstore Indirect Water Heater (ALP105)
Concord St, Carlisle Massachusetts
Four Zone Heating with 45gal Superstore Indirect Water Heater (ALP150)

Prospect St, Methuen Massachusetts
Combination Heat (two zone) and Tankless Water Heater (Rinnai E110C)
NH  #4062
MA  # 13471
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(978) 556-5617
(781) 581-0700
NH  #4062
MA  # 13471
Master License
Fast reliable service
(978) 556-5617
(781) 581-0700

Dorian Drive, Bradford Massachusetts
High Efficient Gas Furnace With Air Conditioning (Goodman GMEC96)

Hilldale Ave, Haverhill Massachusetts
High Efficient Heat & AC System (Goodman GMVC96)

Park St Haverhill, MA
Sewer inspection with Ridgid Seesnake. We found a collapsed section (35 feet) of sewer piping.
Sewer & Drain Services
After locating the pipe, we began digging.
Since this drain was over 100 feet in length, we installed an outside access point for future cleaning.
After the repair we cabled (roto rooter) the sewer main and cleaned out and flushed the remaining paper towel and tree roots stuck in the sewer line.
School St, Tewksbury, Massachusetts
Combi Boiler - Five Zone Heating with Built-in Tankless Water Heater (Navien NCB-240E )