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Gas Fitting
PHD Plumbing is fully licensed and insured, with extensive training in the gas -
Natural Gas and LP (propane) industry.
With the danger of explosions and fires so prevalent in our climate you can
be confident that professionals are working for you.
PHD reserves the right to change pricing/rates at any time.  Please call to verify price validity.
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Gas FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) Cross-Bore :- How do I know if my sewer has been cross-bored?
A) The best way to inspect the inside of a sewer pipe is by video inspection. By inserting our high-tech video camera in the sewer pipe and recording the interior portion of the sewer we can visually identify foreign objects, cross-bores or broken sections of piping. The transmitter and locator work hand in hand when pinpointing these areas, which help in the planning phase of repair or claims.

Q) Gas Fireplace :-
Is it possible to convert my wood burning fireplace to gas ?
A) Converting your wood fireplace to gas is not very difficult when properly planed. Before purchasing a firelog or gas-log first measure the fireplace cavity (height, depth, front width, & back width) then ask your fireplace store if they can provide you with a gas-log which will safely fit in the area and is legal for use in your State.Gas piping in your house may need to be modified for the additional load. Gas logs are perfect for those days when you don't feel like chopping or lugging wood and just want to sit by a warm fire. Gas logs have proven to be a perfect backup source of heat when the power goes out, as the gas valves are self powered and don't require electricity.

Q) Gas Smell :-
I smell gas when I go into my basement, but the smell goes away after a little while. What could this be ?
A) Most of your high output appliances such as furnaces, boilers and water heaters are located in utility rooms or basements. Your presence in these areas moves the air around, diluting the gas with the surrounding air, making it seem as if the problem is gone. Pilot tubes on appliances the most common to have small leaks, as too is older gas piping. Either way, this problem is not one which comes and goes. There is no such thing as a good gas leak, so get your gas company or gas professional out as soon as possible to locate and repair the problem.

Q) Oil to Gas Conversion:- I currently have oil and would like to change over to gas. How do I go about doing this ?
A) Call your gas supplier first to confirm that your street has a gas supply line. Keep in mind, most gas companies have incentive programs for new gas conversion customers and rebate  programs for certain gas appliances. Once the gas company has installed new gas piping to your building your licensed gas fitter (PHD Plumbing) will coordinate the installation of gas piping inside the building. City gas Inspectors will inspect the gas fitters work after piping and equipment is installed, and if all is well, will issue a signed off gas tag which will be affixed to the gas piping. The gas tag provided by the City Inspector is required by the gas supplier to release and install your new gas meter.

Q) Ventless Gas Heaters & Fireplaces :- What is a ventless gas heater and are they safe ?
A) Since ventless heaters and fireplaces expel 100% of its burned byproducts into the rooms atmosphere there is almost no heat loss, no lost heat going up a chimney or through a vent, making the appliance 99% efficient. However most ventless appliance manufacturers instruction manuals will recommend opening a window whilst using these appliance (reducing the claimed 99% efficiency). Legal in most States and restricted for use only as a secondary source of heat, ventless gas heaters have their place in certain applications. Please be aware of the fact that by burning gas and expelling the byproducts directly into your living space can be harmful to your health.
In my opinion, gas fired ventless heaters and fireplaces should primarily be used for their aesthetic value and should not be used as a heat source.
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Fast reliable service
(978) 556-5617
(781) 581-0700
NH  #4062
MA  # 13471
Master License
Fast reliable service
(978) 556-5617
(781) 581-0700
Gas Fitting Labor Rates

• Cap-off Gas Appliance. = $300.00
• Dryer Hook-up. = $400.00
• Gas Firelog Hook-up. = call for price
• Gas Piping. = call for price
• Gas Dryer Hook-up. = $400.00
• Gas Stove Hook-up. = $400.00
• Gas Fireplace Hook-up. = call for price
• Gas valve replacement (Boiler, Water Heater, Fireplace, etc) = $400.00
• Pressure Test and Locate Leaks. = $400.00
• Remove & Disposal of appliance (during appliance hook-up) = $75.00 - $100.00