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Drain Cleaning FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) Cross-Bore :-
How do I know if my sewer has been cross-bored?
A) The best way to inspect the inside of a sewer pipe is by video inspection. By inserting our high-tech video camera in the sewer pipe and recording the interior portion of the sewer we can visually identify foreign objects, cross-bores or broken sections of piping. The transmitter and locator work hand in hand when pinpointing these areas, which help in the planning phase of repair or claims.

Q) Clogged Drains :-
What is causing my kitchen drain to clog-up so often ?
A) Most kitchen sinks these days are equipped with garbage disposers (disposals). This leads the belief that garbage should go down the drainage system, hence overloading the drainage system with refuse. Try using your garbage disposer for the necessary duties only, like scraps left on plates and always remember to use two parts water for one part solid. There are other contributing factors to drains clogging, such as natural build up of soap-scum, dirt and hair (drain grease). These are mostly prevented by using a monthly drain treatment.

Q) Tree Roots :-
How did tree roots get in my sewer system.
A) Tree roots in sewer mains (building drains) are quite common, even more so during dry seasons. A trees rooting system is always in search of water and nutrients, so if your buried sewer main has the smallest of cracks. The root system will find it and in most cases enlarge the crack in order to get more of its root system in that drain. Once you have tree roots growing in your sewer main your guaranteed  to have them return every two to four years if left untreated. The best way to keep these roots at bay is by firstly, having a professional remove them and then treating the drainage system with a Root Destroyer. The best way to completely eradicate this problem would  be to install new PVC piping from the house, to the street or spot repair the effected area's. Pipeline cameras and locators will help pinpoint broken or separated areas making sewer repairs less invasive.

Q) Liquid Drain Opener :-
Were do I find plumbers strength liquid drain acid.
A) Plumbing supply companies sell strong liquid acid formulas.  These formula are only sold  to licensed plumbers who are insured against damages and are equipped to repair piping, in the event acid formulas eat through old steel piping or soften the joints on PVC fittings.  We recommend cleaning drains the old fashioned way by using a snake, rod, pressure or plunger. Our company promotes the use of organic or environmentally safe products, such as  bacterial enzymatic liquids (ProClean). Used during a maintenance regiment, ProClean is proven to convert grease and organic buildup into carbon dioxide and water.

Q) Don't Flush :- What shouldn't be flushed down the toilet.
A) Its amazing what we've found stuck in toilets and sewer drains over the many years cleaning drains. From tooth brushes and diapers, to the not so obvious, such as kitty litter and planting soil. The most common items found jamming-up sewers and toilets are those products which you would think are flushable, such as - paper towels, towelette's, Feminine Products (tampons, pads etc). The rule of thumb is, If it doesn't break up or dissolve shortly after coming in contact with water, It most likely will accumulate, and plug-up the drain.
Drain Cleaning
P.H.D Plumbing offers a wide range of drain cleaning services to our residential and commercial customers.
All drains are cleaned by means of electric rooter snake and guaranteed against backing up for a period of up to 6 months depending on drain type, condition and layout.
See our reasonable pricing schedule for some of the services offered.
Ask about our multiple job discounts.
Please call to verify price validity.  PHD reserves the right to change pricing/rates at our discretion.

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NH  #4062
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(978) 556-5617
(781) 581-0700
We keep your drains running !

Drain Cleaning Labor Rates

• Bath Tub Drain Cleaning = $350.00
• Dry Well System Installation = Call for Pricing (many variables)
• Garbage Disposer, Unjam = $300.00
• French Drain System Installation = Call for Pricing (many variables)
• Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning = $350.00
• Laundry Drain Cleaning = $350.00
• Lavatory Drain Cleaning = $350.00
• Lift Toilet & Clean Sewer = $600.00
• Lift Toilet & Remove Stuck Object = $450.00
• Main Sewer Cleaning, Inside Main (to foundation wall up to 100 feet) = $500.00
• Main Sewer Cleaning, Outside Main (from foundation wall to street up to 100 feet) = $500.00
• Sewer Camera / Pipe Cleaning and Video Inspection (up to 100 feet) = $700.00
• Sewer Camera / Pipe Inspections & Locating (CCTV, camera inspection) = $500.00 from clean-out, up to 150 feet
• Sewer Camera / Pipe Inspections & Locating beyond 150 feet, up to 300 feet = $600.00
• Toilet Auger (unclog) = $300.00